quarta-feira, 17 de julho de 2019

The mobility to Córdoba

Relatório da viagem pela aluna Mariana Lopes Silva

The mobility I made with my Erasmus group from Lisbon to meet the Spanish and Italian students was great!

During these days we were in this wonderful city – Córdoba - and we were able to experience the culture of the place, the customs of different people and the different types of food. There we were welcomed by a family and my hosting family made me feel very welcomed. I stayed with the mother named Vanessa, the stepfather named Toni, my hostess named Gisela and her five-year-old brother named Alex. It was a great experience, they welcomed me so well, it was a wonderful and caring family and the friendship that we built together I will certainly take with me in my whole life!

In Cordoba we were able to visit several beautiful places, we visited the beautiful and famous Mezquita and the school of our hosts.  During that week there was a traditional Feria of the city, where all the population of that place went, the women were in Flamenco dance dresses and men in very tight costumes! That were played traditional songs, we could learn how to dance flamenco, and it was super fun!! There were also attractions where all of us could enjoy ourselves.
We also went to spend a whole day in Seville and I was surprised because it is a beautiful city like Cordoba!
I know that the experience I had this week will always be kept in our hearts and memories and we could realize that is possible to live with different cultures and share our culture with them to build a very beautiful friendship.

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