terça-feira, 11 de julho de 2017

A Journey to Holboca

It was an unforgettable experience, I’ve learned many new things, carried out various activities, visited beautiful places and made new friends.
#Day 1 On the first day, concerning the activities, we performed the activity of therapeutic tea, where through the smell and taste, we had to identify the herbs corresponding to our tea and then to be aware of their properties. The students and the teachers welcomed us in such a friendly way. showed us some of the culture of Iasi. For example, at lunch, they taught us how to make a typical and healthy vegetable soup from Romania. It was very tasty. Then we went back home and we met some people who showed us the village.
#Day 2 On the second day, we learned about the history and culture of Iasi. We did a kind of a sightseeing tour. After it we went to Hamac Park, where we did arborism, which I really enjoyed doing and it was a lot of fun. Then we left to have lunch, where everybody had fun and danced a lot. Afterwards we went home and then we went to town.
#Day 3 On Wednesday, everyone had fun while learning typical dances from Romania. Then we learned modern dances and played basketball and volleyball. When we finished, we returned to the school where we ate typical food prepared by the students' mothers. After lunch, we went to the botanical garden of Iasi and learned about the environment and in the evening we went back home. On this day, we left school early in the morning and took a long bus ride until we reached the Hasmasul Mare nature reserve, which was beautiful and where the students took several photographs for the photography contest. After lunch, we played badminton and soccer and then went back to school. At school, the teachers met to choose the winners of the contest and then handed over the prizes. Later we went home.
#Day 5 - The last day On the last day, we did a workshop and an activity about emotions, where I learned that it is better to be positive. Then to help us to write a CV in the future, we filled the Europass Form and we also answered the final questionnaire about the project. We saw a few presentations 59 Be Healthy, Be Natural, Be Smart 2015 – 2017 Erasmus + Project magazine, third issue, ISSN 2501-6326 on the European Union and a review of the Erasmus + project over the last two years. Then the diplomas were handed to us and the students went to a party. We ended the day in the city, all together, with farewells.

Iris Rodrigues, Portugal
Work revised by teacher Ana Maria Bayan

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