terça-feira, 11 de julho de 2017

An Erasmus+ Mobility in Romania

Last May I was in Romania for Erasmus Plus. This was the best trip I ever had in Erasmus Plus project, because I had a great interaction with other students and because I learned a lot about some issues, like how to prepare a delicious therapeutic tea and know what its properties are. We had the opportunity to learn about Iasi, the city where we were: the culture, the food, the dances that are very nice.
The Portuguese culture is not very different from the Romanian's. The most different thing is the way to prepare a soup, and we knew that all from the beginning, in Bucharest (we stopped a few hours in Bucharest to take the plane to Iasi).
We went to the Botanic Garden where we saw several kinds of plants. I ‘ve never imagined that we could see so many different types of plants!
We went to Bicaz mountains where we could see the most beautiful view. We saw the way that the Earth subsystems can interact: atmosphere, biosphere and hydrosphere.
We had to wake up very early to go to these mountains but it was for a good cause!
At the mountains we played several sports, like Badminton or Tennis because this was a heathy project, and sports are good for our health.
The last day, we watched some presentations about the European Union. We learned about the countries, the Euro, the symbols, the flag and the anthem. We also learned about the Erasmus Plus project with a presentation by the Italian and Romanian students.
At the end, all the students received a certificate for their participation. We had to communicate with lots of people, so we had some small groups where we could know better each other.
I had the chance to speak english with other students, and I stayed with a Romanian family and only at the last evening I was with another Portuguese student.

Madalena Monteiro, Portugal
Work revised by teacher Ana Maria Bayan

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