terça-feira, 11 de julho de 2017

The Trip to Romania

This opportunity to go to Romania was amazing and I’m very grateful.
Since the beginning of the project, I’ve learned so many things and, obviously I’ve also learned in the two mobilities that I did to Poland and Romania.
I’ve learned how to distinguish different types of teas and their functions, the history of the romenian food and how the traditional soup is cooked and which are the main ingredients. We visited the Botanical Garden of Iasi and saw amazing plants.
But we also learned cultural differences, like the history of Iasi and of its region, the traditional dances, music, etc. We saw amazing landscapes, mainly in the mountains. That visit was fantastic. After these incredible 2 years, I and my fellows learned how to be healthy but also how important is to know different cultures, different people, different lifestyles too. We’ve learned 60 Be Healthy, Be Natural, Be Smart 2015 – 2017 Erasmus + Project magazine, third issue, ISSN 2501-6326 that in the future we have to be more tolerant and we have to help to create a better future for Europe.

Miguel Anselmo, Portugal
Work revised by teacher Ana Maria Bayan

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