terça-feira, 11 de julho de 2017

A Trip to Iasi

Throughout these years of Erasmus + project, students and teachers had the opportunity to know different cultures and people that will stay forever in our memory. The motto of the project was to be healthy and based on this idea we learned to distinguish different types of therapeutic tea and their uses. This consisted of a small activity where each group had to guess what tea was presented to us and then read their respective functions.
We learned some of the traditional Romania food and the way it was prepared and cooked in a healthy way. During all week, we had physical exercise activities to strengthen our physical health. Teachers and students taught us how to dance different Romanian dances. We visited the Botanical Garden where we could observe a great number of species of plants and their properties. We went to the Bicaz Mountains where we took the best photos, for the photography contest. T
he last day there were some presentations about the project and about the European Union and an activity about mind development and emotions and what these could cause to us.
After these two years project, we learned lots of new things, but mainly that to be healthy it’s not only a question of doing exercise and eating well but rather to understand each other and the different cultures and habits of life.

Nádia Pires, Portugal
Work revised by teacher Ana Maria Bayan

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